About us


Are you expected, new parents? And, in search of the unique and the best name for your little angel, soon be in arriving in your life?

Well, which parent doesn’t want to name their child which is unique, new, and the reflection of the beautiful and lovely qualities?

Moving on with the same idea, we as a naming blog is here to give a lot of choices to name your new member of the family.

 In this blog, we have taken all the aspects and expectations into consideration before listing down the names for you.

The love for your child is unconditional and the long lists of names for the selection with their accurate meaning are worth a search. Hence, this blog ends your search and make your life easy by providing the complete information related to each name like the origin, the meaning, historical events( if any).

The team of babaywizard.com specializes in bringing the best name forward through the list of well-researched names. We understand the excitement and the nervousness goes hand in hand while selecting the name. Being a new parent, a lot of apprehensions, silent questions pop up in mind in the process and which in turn sometimes brings indecisiveness.

So, to help you lead in the journey of selecting names with confidence and without compromise on your choice and excitement, we ensure to list the best ones on the blog.

As a responsible parent, we understand that you would not want to pick any random name which can embarrass your child once they will be in the age of joining the school, college and move on in their lives.

And so, we have also categorized the names keeping in mind the factor that you might look for at the time of choosing the names like:

  • Popularity
  • Names related to casts
  • Religious Names
  • Funny Names
  • Nature-Inspired Names etc.

What are you waiting for! Pick and choose from the best list available for you in the blog to make your perfect choice.