Are you looking for a part-time business? Babysitter Company Names can be a good choice. You can earn a handsome amount from this business. Besides, you will have a good time in the company of innocent babies.

But do you know about the three salient keys for establishing any successful business? Those are a perfect blueprint of the business, proper market research, and an impressive name.

Are you done with your research and planning? Hopefully yes! If you are wondering what your business name should be, then you have landed in the right place.

Here in this article, we are going to assemble 50+ awesome babysitter company names. So, without wasting further time, let us find a suitable name for your business together. Happy Exploring!

Babysitting Business Name

Babysitting Business Name
Babysitting Business Name

Your business name can make or mar your business. A perfect babysitter company name would be one that will make the parents feel that their children are in safe hands.

It must sound caring and loving. So many people struggle with this due to a lack of creativity and originality.

Finding such a name is obviously a challenging task but never impossible. We have made a list of names that are short, unique, and memorable. Have a look at this list. It may save some of your precious time.

Watchful WondersThe Nanny PlaceFairy MagicOpen Hearts Childcare
Watching WondersLovelyCare NanniesAmazing BabysittersOut of Hours Babysitting
Second MomLittleAngels CareChildCare NanniesOver the Rainbow Babysitters
Home Away From HomeDedicated NanniesBlueHedge CareOvernight Babysitting
Watchful EyesMilestone NanniesNanny For Your TinyParents Night Out
Caring & SittingRevoCare NanniesMunchkin Land BabysittersPinch Sitters Agency
Sharing & CaringRainbowCare ServiceDon’t Worry, Mommy n DaddyPretty Apples Sitting
Second GuardianTinyHandsCareGood hug Child CareProtecting Angels
Guardian GalsHappyChildrenHire a Nanny, MommyRocking Frog Sitting
Bikes & Tikes BabysittingDelicateLove NanniesJolly Jill’s BabysittingRocking Horse Day Care Center
Trucks & Teacups BabysittingTenderLove NanniesTip Top BabysittersNooga Nannies
Pink & Blue BabysittingGiggles N’ HugsLaugh and Learn BabysittingNanny Connections
Little Tikes BabysittingLittleWand BanysittersHappy BlessedNanny Boutique
Little People BabysittingPinkiville BabyCareHappy NannyNannies on Call
Cutie Patooties BabysittingLucie’s BabyCareLollipops n CandiesMini More Babysitting
Ultimate Child CareEagle EyesMission Blue and PinkMetropolitan Sitters LLC
Warlocks & Witches ChildcareNest BabysittersFun More NannyKiddyKare Babysitting Service
Love & Hugs Nanny ServicesLittleDarlings BabysittersGood Side CaringKid Station
Happy BabiesHappyHome BabysittersGrandma’s Caring CenterHopscotch Babysitting
Mommy HelpCaringBabysitters IncHappy BabiesHappy Nanny
Daddy HelpSaintly SittersHelp For Mama-n-PapaGills Babysitting Agency
Lucky Lollipops BabysittingWatchful EyeHappy Wish BabysittingFirst Choice Sitters
Tender Hearts BabysittingFitter SittersHappy Tails BabysittingFamily Ties Nannies
Tender Care BabysittingTotal TrustGuardian Angels Sitting ServiceCharlotte Care Service
April Flowers Child CareTried and TrustedGuardians of AngelsBasically Babysitting

Cute Babysitting Names

If you have done your research properly, then you must know that the competition in the field of the babysitting business is really high. And if you want to succeed you must shine out the crowd.

Your business name is the best opportunity you must grab on. But how an ideal babysitting business name sounds?

If you are pondering over this query, you are going to find the answer right now right here. Cuteness in the company name would give you extra credits.

Keeping this fact in mind we have brought some brand-able business names here exclusively for you. The best fact about these names is that they are really rhythmic and can not be passed over. Check it out.

Kareful KidsComplete CareBeyond GliderHoneywell caring
Karing KidsSitter SolutionsBird’s NestLifestory Begins
Kiddie KareCareful ChildcareEnjoy Events
Kiddie KomfortCareful CareHelp for Mom n Dad Baby KareWhite Wing Sitting
Kiddie CareTrusted CareBliss NannyLittle Ideafly
Kiddie ComfortNorthside NanniesDazzle BerryFriendy Flora
Nights Out Babysitting ServicesSouthern ComfortCute PeasMellina’s
Lights OutChildhood ComfortCurve MottoDaily Mings
Sweet DreamsNearby NanniesCurved StarPrikNrik Baby Sitting
Smiles & CharmNo Nonsense NanniesCurly CrewGreat Say Sitting
Giggles & ChucklesSuccessful SittersCube DeerJust for Babies
Watching AngelsPrepared to CareCrystal CaringUnicorn Kids
Child’s PlaySuper SittersChoco MeltLittle Rainbows
Candy CaresSupreme SittersChristine’s BabysittingToddlers’ Paradise
Nanny ProfessionalsRight on TimeChirpy CaringNannies That Care
Nappy ProfessionalsDiaper ProfessionalsChild’s PlayTiny Treasures
Diaper KingsDiaper QueensChild Ease CaringKids Haven
Nappy QueensRoyal NappysPrepared ChildcareSafe n’ Happy
Perfect Pappies Babysitting ServicesTiny Kiddos BabysittingBe the Best BabysittingThe Cuddle Crew
Bitty Kids BabysittingCozy & WarmBest BabysittersTiny Hugs
AbsoCareBeyondCareLocal LoveTime for Toddlers
BlueHedge CareChildCare NanniesNear Me NanniesKool 4 Kids
LovelyNannyAmazing BabysittersShining SittersAll Babies Welcome
BabyCareFairy MagicSitters Who ShineNice Nannies
Kylie’s CareDelicateCare BabysittersSupreme CareLittle Laughs

Babysitter Names

Babysitter Names
Babysitter Names

Do you want to find the best and most unique name for your dream business? You will need the courage to think original and out of the box.

Give your brainstorming session for business name enough time and you will get your rewards for sure. Perfect branding and proper promoting will help you to have more inviting attention.

We have brought together plenty of statuesque Babysitter Company to help you in your brainstorming.

SafeCare NanniesSmiling NannyConscientious CareLullabies Babysitting
Sunshine ChildcareKidsCare ServicesSacred SittersTending for Toddlers
Happy BabysittersDailyDelight BabysittersScholarly SIttersProtecting with Love
AlphaNanniesCorralCareRare CareBaby’s Home from Home
Pureheart BabysittersFuntime BabysittersPunctual ProfessionalsNoble Nannies
Bliss ChildcarePinkville ChildcarePeek-a-SitterKiddy Time Babysitting
WeLoveKidsBabysitters Inc.Serene SittersABCs Babysitting
WeCare BabysittersSunrise BabysittersSimply SittersWee People Babysitting
Bebe’s CareNanny PalaceSerious SittersAfter School Kid Care
PerfectCare BabysittersSmilesNLaughter NanniesSister SittersNight Time Nanny
White Wing SittingChildcare ProfessionalsNo Better NanniesHome by Midnight
Little IdeaflyThe Rocking BabesTop Level NanniesMunchkin Land Babysitters
Friendy FloraFun and hugsCheerful ChildcareMerry Time Babysitting
Mellina’sSafe tots… worry notBusy Barn ChildcareFunTime Nanny
Daily MingsThe Baby WhispererCaring Nanny for AngelsHugs and Kisses Babysitting
PrikNrik Baby SittingMax NannyBuddies’ Care For KidsHip-Hip-Hooray! Childcare
Great Say SittingStrike NannyBetter Life BabyLittle Lambs Childcare
Royal Cheers SittingBaby InvestThe Blue Wish
Boom Buzz
Jolly Jill’s Babysitting
Midas BellBlaster SitBlue Drops CareFuzzy Wuzzy Babysitting
Zapp Zoom CaringBaby AtlanticThe Blue AngelJumping Jacks Babysitting
Tahoma BabysittersCity SitterGood Hug Child CareNora’s Nanny Service
Child Chief Baby SittingSit-BeeThe Guardians of KidsChild Delight Babysitting
Bliss nannyInform SittingHappy BabiesLizzy’s Babysitting Service
caring HuesHomepage NannyGreat Say Family ServiceTiny Feet Babysitters
Little pomperfaggifyGreat ZestCare-Free Kids

Babysitting Names Ideas

The bBabysitter Company Name is a lucrative choice to be well established in life and earn a profitable amount per month. The demand for babysitters is already high and it is increasing day by day.

But you need your customers to remember you first whenever they are in need of proper care for their babies. Your business name is going to help you out here.

We all know that this is hard to nut to crack. But we can assure you that this name-finding job will not seem so stressful for us! Discovering the perfect name for your babysitting business does not have to be so stressful.

Here we have come up with some cool babysitting business names. Choose one from the list following and give your picture-perfect business plan a smooth execution.

Babysitting Service Names

Babysitting Service Names
Babysitting Service Names

Most parents are working nowadays. And they always look for reliable babysitting companies that can take provide perfect care and proper safety to their children while they are absent.

Your company name is the first thing that your clients first notice. Hence give it good thinking and pick up an impressive name that fits your business perfectly.

Here in this article, we have listed down some babysitting businesses that is catchy, unique, and creative. These names will help you to have an idea of how a babysitter business should be like.

MayerWood BabysittingFarmBarySitGrand Mark Infant CareTickled Pink Babysitting Service
Exotixx BabysittingGlory SittingGood FrameOver the Rainbow Babysitters
SpringooBabynabyGood MoveThe Cloud 9 to 5 Nanny
SuperByt BabysittingFrontRange SitterGood MinuteBaby Bus Babysitters
FabuMasterPyramid BabyPretty ApplesThe No-Notice Nanny
MidCity MingRested SittingSandra’s BabysittingThe Baby Train Babysitting Service
LazyLush Babysitting Co.SitterLabsSeeking SittersHappy-Go-Lucky Babysitting
AlphaRootsHelio SitterLittle TreasuresThe Kid Connection Babysitters
GrandMarkRiver BabyRoyal Cheers SittingBaby Bliss Childcare
ColloMotiva Babysitting Co.FiveStar NannyRush To HelpThe Baby Patch Childcare
VirgohuesTalon SitterRocking Frog SittingThe Blessed Babysitter
HexaHueConstant NannyQuick JumboWee Love Kids! Babysitting
AdornGreatStratus SittingQuick ClapSun Babies Childcare
BlueDrops BabysittingNanny AdventuresMunition NannyYour House Babysitting
The Maverick Babysitting Co.Special SitterBestAnnyCheerful Childcare
Cute PeasAdvantage SitterHighQuality SittingChooCho Childcare
Little Cheese GrillsApocalypse NannyVoyager SitterMilk n’ Cookies Childcare
Kids Crowd CaringnanitTrunkSeedling SitterBouncy Babysitting
beuBelle BabysittingExciting SitOmega BabyLaugh and Learn Babysitting
RedChic Babysitting Co.Develop SittingBackbone SitLittle Luvs Babysitting
Good FrameSit SmoothSoothe SitterBaby Roundup Babysitters
the GrasshopperSitting SkillPassion SitterOpen Hearts Childcare
MoonstarEgy SittingMunition NannyKiddie Corral Childcare
Story Saying nannyWestCoast SittingBestAnnySmile Time Babysitting
Divine Hands SittingLastCoursellsHighQuality SittingLOL Childcare

Good Babysitting Names

A name that instantly grabs attention is what you need for your new business. A well-chosen name that differentiates you from your competitors and wins over time is an asset for your business.

Look at the names of the following list. These names follow are trendy and classy at the same time.

Little Jack’sEmerald SittingVoyager SitterPurple Shades
Love & hugSitting CraftSeedling SitterProtecting Angels
Good hug Child CareSitter TeaOmega BabyThe Blessed Baby
Little Love CaringNanny PartnerBackbone Sit9 to 5 Nanny
Crystal CaringDock SittingSoothe SitterTiny Feet Baby
Chirpy Cokoo CaringBaby ExcellentPassion SitterTurbine Tree
Caring shadesAmerica NannyMunition NannyTurtle Fusion
Quant SitSitBabyNetBestAnnyWings of Care
Sitting PersonaIsolate SitHighQuality SittingWise Wesley
Outback SitCove SitVoyager SitterWorth Feeling
Coco Baby
Andes SitSeedling SitterEnjoy Events
Quantum Leap BabyGalileo BabyCorporate NannyEdgeWynk
Nanny RecordsSiteree

Heron SitGorgona
Edge BabyEternity BabySitter BlocksCrimSSom Babysitting
Show SittingWholesale NannyLuckySitterBeambox
Richness NannyClub SitGlitz SitHappyTrails Babysitting Co.
Quest SitKaboom NannySitting FusionAeronna Babysitting Co.
Blessed SitNewHorizon BabyGolden BabyColoNell Babysitting Co.
Nanny RulesWhiteboard SitterInsignia BabyYoungFabric Babysitting
PeachTree NannyBaby GemDream SitZipClip
Proven SitterSitting ChampionMarvel StitchShiftWave
Sable BabyMarcoPolo BabyBaby helperDriftWood Babysitting
Rident BabySit AskFun and play all DayNorthWander Babysitting Co.
Glide SitVirtue NannyEnjoy EventsFuntoos Nanny
ParkCity SitterTaper SitterEdgeWynkBluefab Nanny


1. What do you call a babysitting business?

You can name your Babysitter Company Names as per your own wish. But try to choose a name that impresses your customers and brings your company more attention.

2. What is a babysitter called in America?

Generally, they are known as nannies. There can be various types like a live-in nanny, night nanny, maternity nurse, and many else.

3. What is a fancy word for nanny?

There are many synonyms. Au pair, nursemaid, governess, are some modern-day words for a nanny.

4. What does babysitter mean?

A person who provides paid care to children in the absence of their parents is known as a babysitter. You can find a personal nanny and there are also many agencies that provide you with, babysitter, as well.

5. How many kids you can babysit without a license?

Not more than three. You need to have a proper legal license if you want to take care of a more number of children. Check out the rules and regulations of the property.


It is really hard to figure out a perfect babysitting business name. It is far harder than it sounds to be. You need to pass through a path full of hurdles and pains to figure out the perfect name for the babysitter business.

But we hope that our collection of babysitter business names this journey will be smoothened a little.

Use these babysitter names to brainstorm a name of your own and we hope the painstaking process will become easier. Thank you for making us a part of your success journey.

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