Do you have confusion about the difference between Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, and Celtic, you are not alone. Take a look at a tree diagram, you would see Celtic at the top with two families underneath Brythonic and Goidelic.

The latter is the place where you will look into a trio of three primary languages as below. 1. Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, and Manx.

White both Scottish and Irish Gaelic languages technically come from the same lineage, each has its own dialect and vocabulary. Let’s find out the giant name list of Gaelic names.

Your baby is on the way and we are delighted for you! Naming a baby can be really tough, but picking put stimulus from family heritage or maybe even a culture you have just always loved is a great place to start.

Gaelic Baby Names

Gaelic Baby Names
Gaelic Baby Names

Gaelic baby names have a huge and beautiful list. The regions these names come from are similar on the face of it, but nonetheless, they have managed to maintain all unique histories that influence their culture, and their names even today.

The term Gaelic is one that gets thrown around often as a synonym for Celtic, but Gaelic is actually a more specific term. It is a subculture referring to Indo-European languages, like Irish and Scots Gaelic, of particular parts in the Celtic Nations and these baby names take effects from those regions.

Ailsa- Elf victoryAisling- fantasy, dreamColm- Dove
Blair- dweller Bevin- Fair ladyCormac- son of the
Catriona- pure Casey- Brave in battleDesmond- of the
Deirdre- broken-heartedDonella- ruler of the worldKade- from the wetlands
Duana- songEdna- DelicateDace- Diminutive of
Emer- QUick, Enya- Little seedDaeg- black-haired
Fergie- VigorousIreland- an homage Daric- Stronng oak
Killian- Little ChurchKeely- BeautifulDarran- a variant of
Kennedy- Helmeted Kevina- LivelyDarron- a variant of
Maeve- Intoxicating Maille- pearlLennon- Cloak, little
Carrick- dwellerCarroll- ChampionNeil- Passionate
Casey- braveCasidhe- deverRonin- Joyful song
Cassidy- CleverCathaoirmore- Great Rory- red-haired king
Cathmor- greatCathrine- pure, clear Sean- gracious god
Cavan- HandsomeCayla- Slender. Variant Sullivan- eyes like
Myrna- MerryNora- Honor, lightAbboid- Abbey father
Riley- From a rye Oona- LambAdhamh- Gaelic
Quinn- Wise and Aidan- little fireAfrica- Pleasant
Alastair- DefenderAngus- StrengthAhern- Owns many
Brody- Broad eyeCian- AncientDerry- red-haired
Desmund- From South DezmondAlayne- bright
Dillon- faithfulDiorbhall- FierceAlistair- a Scottish
Dimhnall- Celtic words Donny- Donn. Allene- Bright
Doyle- dark strangerDuncan- dark warriorAllister- Defender of man
Aiden- FieryAgnes- Gaelic AgnesAllyn- bright

Gaelic Girl Names

Gaelic Girl Names
Gaelic Girl Names

If you think a Gaelic name is a perfect fit for you and your baby then you have come to the proper place. Eryn and Shaelee are just some ideas of the beautiful Gaelic baby names for girls.

These interesting spellings are sure to make a baby stand out in roll call and as she grows up she’ll have an interesting story to tell, also.

The baby names of Gaelic come in all shapes and sizes and are we think irresistibly fun. Baby will be set up for an epic adventure just with the names and its meanings of Eiden with fire and Ruark means champion.

Gaelic names have a huge extent and have surely earned their bragging rights for beauty and meaning. Naming a baby doesn’t have to be tough, so browse via our Gaelic baby names list and find the one that makes you and your baby feel just as special as we know you are.

Ailean- HandsomeAilen- HandsomeAmber- Fierce
Ailie- HandsomeAilin- HandsomeAnnabel- joy
Ailis- The Scottish Gaelic Aimil- Gaelic form of Annabal- joy
Aindreas- mainlyAingealagAnnabelle- joy
Airleas- OathAirleas- PledgeAodhagan- Arden
Al- diminutive of AlistairAlai- defender of manFeargus- Rock. also
Alain- BrightAlana Gaelic word Fergie- Diminutive
Alanna- uncertainAlasdair- A Scottish Finlay- small blon
Alastair- Alexander Alaster- defender manGalloway- strange
Dymphna- Suitable oneEaluvig- rulerGiles- Famous
Eamon- rich protectorEgan- young fighterBarabal- stranger
Egann- variant of Egan: fireEihhlin- Gaelic formBaran- Noble Warrior
Erin- Poetic name Erina- Poetic nameBarra- Spear
Erynn- IrelandEthne- Feminine Barry- Spear
Aonghus- SuperiorApirka- PledgeBatair- strong warrior
Arregaithel- land Art- RockBeagen- little one
Artur- rockAselma- fairBeagin- a variant
Athdar- from the oak Athdara- from the oak Berach- Spear
Bacstair- BakerBailefour- pastureBeatie- Blessed
Baillidh- StewardBain- Lives streamBeatrice-bringer
-lives by the bridgLives bridge overBebhinn- Harmony
Baird- poetBalfor- Variant Gaelic Beatrice
Balfore-BalfourBalfour near the clear
Banain- little blondBanning- blond childBiadhaiche- Blesses
e man with red hair. GiollaruidhBlaine-

Gaelic Boy Names

Gaelic Boy Names
Gaelic Boy Names


The name Ailsa is not very famous in the United States. However, it is common in Scotland. There is not enough information to control when the name reached peak currency. Moreover, only six baby girls were given the name in the U.S. in 2019.


United States celebrity Aisling Sistrunk, Irish-English celebrity Aisling Loftus. The name has not been very famous in the United States. Only 34 baby girls named Aisling in the U.S. in 2019

Baby SkillBaby WorkshopBaby FantasticGaelic Nexus
Baby CrownNames SunnyNames ChildNames Smush
Names MunchkinBaby SmileNames PiggyNamly
Gaelic KittyNamiumGaelluxBaby Joey
Names GracefulNames BugBaby ZipGrasshopper
Gaelic SkedaddleGaelic TootBaby GainGaelic Quest
BabyneticGaelic MagicGaelioBaby Thrive
Gaelic EnchantBabyoramaGaeloozeNames Dash
Gaelic EmpowerNames FortuneGaelic PursueNames Enchant
Names SucceedNames AdvanceNames DimplesBaby Explorer
Names BlinkGaelic ProdigyGaelic ZoomNames Treasure
Names TotsBabydoBaby SimpleNames Whiteboard
BabyzoidNames SpringBabypadBaby Dovey
Baby BeaconBabyishNames HandsomeNames Tribe
GaelvioNames FluffGaelic PaceNames Bumble
NamnestGaelic TotsNames SidekickGaelic Fortune
Baby TadpoleGaelic EncourageNames LadybugNames Toys
Names ToddlerBaby SidekickGaelic SpecialistGaelic Angel
Names CupcakeNames EvolutionGaelic CoachBabylux
Gaelic SugaryBaby DaffodilGaelryGaellada
Baby AmbitionNamgenicsGaelic LovelyGaelic Cha-Cha
GaelgenixGaelporiumGaelic BlossomBabyiva
Baby MenteGaelic SpookyNames HugsyBaby Penguin
Baby PerkyBaby RadiantGaelic MateBaby Squad
Names BridgeNames ThriveGaelic ButterflyNames Beacon

Gaelic Female Names

Gaelic Female Names
Gaelic Female Names


Australian Olympic swimmer Blair Catherine Evas, Miss Alaska USA 2007 Blair Chenoweth. This name was quite famous in the U.S. from the mid-’70s to mid-’90s. Blair reached peak popularity in the year 1988.


United States Actress Belvin Prince, Character on TV ‘one tree hill, Bevin Mirsky. This name, like many others on this myriad. The list is not famous in the United States.

There is not enough information to control when this name attains peak fashionableness. There were precisely 5 baby girls who received the name Bevin in 2009.

Gaelic Sweet PeaGaelic GemNames SchnoogleNames Mate
Gaelic ExcellenceNames PossibleNames DoinkNames Logical
Baby FairyBaby TotsGaelic BlossomBaby Spring
Baby BugBaby FrolicGaelic PoochNames Alpha
Names YearnNames SlurpBaby QuestGrasshopper
Gaelic ToonBaby LearnGaelic DelicateNames Social
Baby ShareNames CheeryGaelic CreationsNames Charming
Baby StriveGaelic MerryGaelic HandsomeBaby Frumptious
Names AgileBaby AdorableGaelic RangersBaby Grow
Names TootsieNames SqueezeNames Blue SkyGaelic Stork
Baby TreasureBaby BloomNames SpurNames Humdrum
Gaelic ChompNames PlaymateNames PrinkyGaelic Tadpole
Gaelic BetterNames PlaygroundGaelic GigglesBaby Institute
Baby NexusBaby DenBaby ChirpGaelic Sweety
Baby ActiveNames FavorBaby PlayNames Inspire
Gaelic TootsieBaby InstructorBaby PeapodNames Geek
Gaelic EggheadBaby EvolutionBaby CognitiveGaelic Focus
Gaelic MorphNames ReadyNames LavishNames Fortune
Gaelic ChiffchaffNames UnicornBaby SmushNames Precious
Gaelic ExplorerNames ToonGaelic ClassroomGaelic Poplin
Baby TribeNames FluffyNames GlitteryBaby Target
Baby AdvanceGaelic ThoughBaby PerkyNames Kind
Baby FootprintBaby JollyGaelic SageGaelic Sugary
Names SpritesNames JungleBaby LandBaby Sesame
Gaelic ToysGaelic KidGaelic ProsperBaby Keys

Scottish Gaelic Names

Scottish Gaelic Names
Scottish Gaelic Names
Names FountainGaelic PossibleGaelic PearlyBaby Quirky
Baby FeverGaelic HeartBaby PebblesBaby Frolic
Baby EmpowerGaelic FastBaby EggheadNames Advance
Names SnuffGaelic LoopNames ChortleNames Kitty
Gaelic SchoolGaelic ABCGaelic JoyNames Stork
Baby BoffinNames AlphaBaby KindNames Integral
Names SageNames TimeGaelic CraveBaby Sprites
Names ForeverNames GeekNames SlurpGaelic Rise
Names FieldNames RiseGaelic CollabGaelic Baby
Baby SpurGaelic BoltBaby PaceGaelic Fortune
Baby ShareNames MunchkinBaby SerendipityBaby Perception
Names PenguinNames BabiesNames NinjaNames Squeeze
Gaelic EvolveNames AquaGaelic WorkshopBaby Patter
Names OasisBaby PropelNames TribeNames Arcade
Names MateNames NetworkGaelic TulipBaby Mollycoddle
Names InnovateBaby KidsNames LogicalBaby Integral
Names DenBaby GracefulNames EagleNames Peanut
Gaelic BubsNames KnowledgeGaelic AdvisorGaelic Dainty
Names DollNames ChalkBaby ArriveGaelic Munchkin
Baby CountryGaelic SesameBaby SquadGaelic Mate
Baby GraspGaelic DriftNames RecessBaby Ladybug
Names AwareBaby CluesBaby BonnyGaelic Excellence
Names SmurfBaby SpringGaelic EmpowerBaby Better
Names FluffGaelic CoachGaelic PeachNames Dojo
Baby IntegralBaby ExcelGaelic BlinkBaby Den

Old Gaelic Names

Old Gaelic Names
Baby BlackboardNames LandNames AquaNames Kinder
Baby ButterflyDevelopmentGaelic MorphBaby Evolution
Gaelic GrowGaelic KeysBaby LogicGaelic Dovey
Gaelic KidGaelic SunshineNames PupsBaby Foster
Baby LadybugGaelic PerceptionBaby UniteGaelic Lovely
Names FriendlyGaelic SmoochBaby NinjaGaelic Mollycoddle
Baby StepNames TechieNames ExcelBaby Spur
Names PatterGaelic DynamoGaelic PeaGaelic Cozy
Gaelic PlayfulBaby GigglesGaelic ExploreNames Jewel
Baby GuardianNames SugaryBaby ThinkNames Rise
Names DelightsGaelic PeanutBaby ForeverBaby Wise
Names BugBaby EnjoyGaelic JollyNames Unite
Names DimplesGaelic LoveNames DreamGaelic Sweet Pea
Gaelic SuccessNames PreciousGaelic CompanionNames Instructor
Names BuddyBaby SpecialistNames FantasticGaelic Sage
Names BookwormNames PuffBaby SpritesBaby Perception
Gaelic PoochNames AccessBaby FeverNames Peewee
Names FoozleNames KissesBaby PiggyGaelic Recess
Gaelic FluffyBaby DriftNames ReadyGaelic Burple
Baby PowerGaelic BetterBaby BeamingNames Cute
Gaelic SnugglyBaby AdvanceGaelic ExplorerGaelic Start
Names TribeNames RiseBaby PerkyNames Cupcake
Baby PeapodBaby ExpressMollycoddleNames Scope
Gaelic SugarBaby GuideGaelic ExplorerGaelic Motivate
Gaelic LabGaelic RainbowBaby PassageGaelic Rhubarb

Irish Gaelic Names

Irish Gaelic Names


Canadian Olympic speed skater Catriona Lemay Doan, English Actress Catriona MacColl. This name has not been famous stateside. Only 21 babies received the name in 2019.


United States criminologist and legal analyst Dr. Casey Jordan, Australian pop singer Casey Donovan. This name began to gush in popularity in the early ’70s peaked in 1987, and has been a common name in the U.S. since then.


United States actress Deirdre Lovejoy and Deirdre O’Connell, United States cyclist Deirdre Dede Demet Barry. The name rose in popularity during the 40s, peaked in 1961, and then waned. Only 17 girls received the name in the U.S. in 2019.

Gaelic BugNames DriveGaelic FawnBaby Sugar
Gaelic SubtleBaby FriendlyGaelic DelightsGaelic Pea
Names ThinkGaelic CreationsNames QuakeGaelic Prinky
Gaelic MerryGaelic DevelopBaby ChompNames Slurp
Gaelic RadiantGaelic ClassroomNames EnjoyNames Time
Baby TreasuresBaby ProsperNames TootNames Cutie
Baby LavishBaby ReachBaby GainNames Fluff
Gaelic KissyBaby BazaarNames DevelopBaby Buddies
Baby SocialNames CanoodleNames BrumbyGaelic Academic
Baby KittyGaelic PossibleBaby InsightNames Snaffle
Gaelic CoachGaelic AriseGaelic CourseGaelic Bubbles
Baby GrasshopperNames PatrolGaelic PoochGaelic Bungle
Baby PlaymateGaelic WhiffleBaby WinkNames Merry
Baby FunGaelic RockGaelic GlumeGaelic Grasp
Names MenteNames KittyBaby ZipNames Champions

Traditional Gaelic Names


The United States environmental scientist Donella Meadows. This name is quite rare in the United States. Fewer than five babies were given the name in 2019.


U.S. screenwriter Duana Taha. Duana is not very popular in the United States. In 2019, fewer than five girls were given the name.


United States novelist Edna Ferber, United States poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. The name Edna was given heavily from 1880 to 1980. However, has not seen much use since the early 1980s. Edna reached peak popularity in the United States in 1918 and only 79 girls were given the name in 2019.

Baby SesameBaby KissesGaelic InnovateBaby Direction
Baby ToddlerBaby CheeryGaelic MasterNames Tidbit
Names SchoolNames ZoomBaby HomeBaby Joey
Names PerkyGaelic WobblyGaelic WhiskersNames Ambition
Names KnowledgeNames ThimbleGaelic JigglyGaelic Mode
Baby PathwayGaelic OasisGaelic UpNames Fair
Baby AccelBaby AcornBaby ProfessionalGaelic Bambi
Gaelic StartNames CharmBaby LadybugGaelic Cute
Names NinjaGaelic BlackboardGaelic FluffyGaelic Pioneer
Baby TalentGaelic EagleGaelic NerdBaby Box
Baby CutieBaby ExpressNames ButterflyGaelic Future
Names LovelyBaby TootBaby NinjaBaby Cupcake
Names WiseNames KidsBaby SprinklesNames Cheer
Gaelic ChubbyGaelic UniteNames WonderBaby Chortle
Gaelic RuleGaelic BearBaby CuddlyNames Time

Gaelic Warrior Names

Gaelic Warrior Names
Gaelic Warrior Names


British actress Emer Gwunne Morganna Kenny. This name is quite uncommon. Fewer than five U.S. babies were named Emer in 2019.


Irish singer, songwriter Enya. Enya hasn’t been a very popular name in the United States, In 2019, about 25 girls were so named.


The United States pop singer Stacy Ann Ferguson Duhamel, Duchess of York Sarah Margaret Ferguson. Fergie has not been too much popular name in the United States. In 2019, about 25 girls were so named.


This name picked up traction in the United States in the 1990s and continued rising in popularity via 2010. In 2019, about 200 baby girls were given the name.

Gaelic PrettyNames BoostGaelic BugNames Owl
Baby SugaryBaby LoveGaelic MollycoddleNames Shenanigan
Names CutsieBaby CutsieBaby GrinGaelic Fluff
Gaelic ExpertBaby PopBaby HugNames Geek
Gaelic BridgeGaelic PlaygroundNames BumbleBaby Home
Baby PlayfulGaelic PropelGaelic SnugglyGaelic Funland
Gaelic PlayfulNames BookwormNames ExploreNames Spark
Names DobbyGaelic DashNames ThoughBaby Creative
Names AriseGaelic AdorableGaelic PipsqueekNames Paddywack
Gaelic CabinNames ChunkyGaelic AquaNames Bloop
Baby KidGaelic FlourishBaby SpringNames Smooch
Names ToysBaby VillageBaby CleverGaelic Kid
Baby PumpkinBaby BazaarGaelic PenguinBaby Sail
Baby BonnyGaelic QuakeGaelic ShareBaby Dream
Names PreciousNames InstructorGaelic LaunchNames Techie

Gaelic First Names


Even it is moving up a bit in popularity in the last couple of decades, Killian has not been super common in the U.S. in 2019, only 16 girls were given the name.


United States TV journalist Keely Shaye Smith. Keely saw a small rise in popularity in the U.S. in the early 70s. However, has otherwise been relatively uncommon.



The United States fashion journalist Kennedy Fraser. Kennedy started to become more common as a girl’s name in the ‘90s and continues a slow rise via the 2010s.

Names BeeGaelic AquaBaby RockNames Bloop
Baby FunnyNames PursueGaelic BrumbyNames Rise
Gaelic AstroBaby WhiteboardGaelic WobblyBaby Home
Baby BuddiesBaby CognitiveGaelic LadybugGaelic Creations
Baby CupcakeNames MeetupGaelic GuideNames Canoodle
Baby UpNames GiggleBaby ModeBaby Astro
Gaelic PlonkNames PlaygroundBaby LadybugBaby Kid
Names CocoonBaby BungleBaby PumpkinBaby Achieve
Baby JungleGaelic BobbleGaelic SweetieGaelic Agile
Baby DartGaelic LoopNames CreativeBaby Encourage
Gaelic HugBaby TrainerNames GuardianGaelic Fawn
Baby PoochBaby EnchantGaelic RefineBaby Hugsy
Baby DelightsNames CheeryGaelic FairGaelic Nexus
Gaelic BeeGaelic LovelyGaelic ExpressGaelic Princess
Gaelic IntellectBaby PlaymateBaby HeartBaby Classroom

Gaelic Family Names

Gaelic Family Names


The name is not popular in the United States. Fewer than five baby girls were given the name in 2009.


British diplomat Maeve Geraldine Fort, United States actress Maeve Anna Quinlan. The name didn’t begin to rise in popularity in the United States until the ‘90s. It reached peak popularity in the U.S. in 2012.


There is not enough information to determine when the name Maille reached peak popularity in the United States. Fewer than baby girls were given the name in 2019.


United States actress Myrna Adele Loy, Miss USA 1953 Myrna Hansen. The name Myrna was commonly used in the U.S. from the late 1800s through the 1970s. 1898-1975. At that time, it has not been used much.

It has taken in 1938 when 1800 girls were so named in 2019 only 19 girls received the name.

Baby CuddlyNames ScopeNames FocusBaby Tiny
Baby BeliefBaby ToddlerNames MagicBaby Wish
Names DollNames BecomeGaelic SparkBaby Wink
Baby CuteNames CluesNames HeartGaelic Arise
Names SunnyNames Blue SkyNames PebblesNames Peapod
Baby FortuneBaby FlareGaelic DreamGaelic Playground
ProfessionalGaelic ExpertBaby MagnificentNames Workshop
Baby RockGaelic PupsNames PopGaelic Talent
Names TutorNames FieldNames SmushBaby Rapid
Names DelicateNames CoachBaby ExpertGaelic Motivate
Baby TreasureNames MonkeyGaelic DynamoBaby Buttercup
Baby BrumbyGaelic DevelopGaelic HomeBaby Spur
Gaelic WispyBaby DaffodilGaelic DollNames Rainbow
Names EnchantGaelic RefineNames SchoolBaby Target
Names ActiveGaelic WonderBaby SqueezeBaby Belief


Well, you are all set to go with the Gaelic names. You can find all the information regarding Gaelic names such as their meanings and the popularity of the name along with their little history in the above article. Moreover, you have now a huge list of all the possible and trendy Gaelic names with you for your baby.

Please give us suggestions if you have more ideas of Gaelic names so that our readers can get more beautiful ideas. Write to us, if you have more questions regarding the same.

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