Japanese is written in three scripts and they are kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Kanji are symbols that symbolize a word, such as a verb, a noun, or the root of an adjective.

Hiragana is used for new foreign language words as well as katakana represents syllables. In our following article, you will get a fantastic name list for Japanese boy names.

As a result, many Japanese names can be written variously, with distinct meanings. However, the sound remains the same. This is significant to note because trends in Japanese names frequently revolve around a particular kanji rather than a single name, and this is reflected in our list of Japanese boy names.

Unique Japanese Boy Names

You may find some of the names familiar here in the list. However, you will like to spot some unique make Japanese names you have never come across before. Let’s start our hunt. We have differentiated the names into categories so that you can track them easily.

Unique Japanese Boy Names
Unique Japanese Boy Names

When you are finalizing a Japanese baby name for your kid then you are making an excellent choice. Numerous baby names ideas from Japan have a musical ring to them, full of meaning, and pay tribute to an amazing historical culture.

Japanese names for boys generally have ties to nature and carry messages that are often connected to family and society. Japanese baby names for boys are mostly associated with their word meanings, you can usually guess what a Japanese baby name means just by looking or hearing it.

Akihiko- the name means bright princeAkihito- this name means bright and compassionate
Akimitsu- it means bright lightAkio- bright or luminous
Aoi- hollyhock or blueish greenArata- the name is fresh or new
Asuka- meaning like fly or fragrance or birdAyumu- it means walking dream
Daichi- it means earthDaiki- the name means great brightness
Hibiki- sound or echoHideaki- shining excellence
Hideyoshi- excellent and virtuous, good, respectableHikari- light
Hikaru- light or brightnessHinata- sunny place or towards the sun
Hiraku- expand, open, supportHirohito- abundant and either person or compassionate
Hiroshi- tolerant, generous, and prosperousIchiro- one son
Katashi- hard, firmKatsu- victory
Katsuo- victory, and heroKatsuro- victory and son
Kazuki- one or peace combined with hope, brightness, or treeKazuo- one man or one husband
Kei- intelligent, gemstone, or congratulate, depending on the kanji usedKen- healthy, strong
Kenichi- strong, healthy oneKenji- healthy or strong, and two
Masaru- it can mean victory or excellenceMinato- this gender neutral baby name from Japan means harbor
Minoru- it means to bear fruitNaoki- kanji for Naoki means straight tree
Naruhito- the name Naruhito means virtue, compassionNori- the name Nori means ceremony, rites
Osamu- it means discipline, study, logic, chronicle, reign, or ruleRen- the Japanese boys’ name Ren means lotus
Rin- the name Rin means dignified, severe, or coldRingo- Ringo is Japanese for apple

Cute Japanese Boy Names

Are you looking for cute Japanese boy names for your little baby? You can absolutely search here for the cool and unique Japanese names for boys that still sound updated and new.

Finalizing a name for your upcoming bundle of joy isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. A great name not only shows on the child but also the parent even.

Cute Japanese Boy Names
Cute Japanese Boy Names

Whether you would like to honor your Japanese roots or you would like to celebrate that land of the rising sun, check out this list of cute Japanese names for boys.

Daisuke- great, big, or helpDenki- electricity or electrical
Fumihito- writing and compassionGenji- two beginnings
Goro- six and sonHachiro- eight and son
Haru- light, sun, male, or springHaruka- distant or remote
Haruto- light, sun, male, plus soar, flyHayate- sudden, powerful sound of the wind
Isamu- braveItsuki- tree
Jiro- two sonJun- pure, clean, simple, or moisture
Junichi- either obey, submit, Junpei- pure, peaceful
Juro- ten sonKaede- maple
Kaito- soarKaoru- fragrance, or in hiragana
Kenshin- humble, modest, and trust, believeKenzo- number two, humble, modest
Kichiro- it is the alternative spelling of Kichiro, meaning good luck, sonKiyoshi- shining, bright, or clear
Kohaku- it means either red and white or gold and silverKoji- this has multiple meanings, depending on the kanji used
Kuro- nine son and was traditionally given to the ninth son of the familyKyo- it means apricot, unite, corporate, village, or capital city
Makoto- it is a gender-neutral Japanese name meaning sincerity or truthMasami- the name Masami means become beautiful
Ronin- it means drifter or wandererRyo- Ryo, also spelled Ryo, means cool, refreshing, or reality
Ryoichi- Ryoichi is made by combining the kanji for good or clear with the kanji for oneRyota- it means cool, refreshing, clear, or good, combined with thick, big
Ryu- The most popular kanji for Ryu, means dragonRyuji- Ryuji is the comments written by combining
Saburo- the Japanese boys’ name Saburi means third son or bright sonShigeru- Shigeru means luxuriant ush
Shin- the Japanese name means genuine and realShingo- Shingo is a combination of genuine, real with I, me

Boy Japanese Names

If you want some name inspiration, you can look to the land of the rising sun. Japanese names are coming more and more into the market and popularity of people. One thing that should keep in mind is that Japanese names can have multiple meanings because of the various traits structures of the Japanese language.

Boy Japanese Names
Boy Japanese Names

Japanese names for the boys such as Rio, Hiro, and Raden are cute, modern, and easy to speak from the mouth. As we look into the world of athletes in Japan that the Japanese names also increased the populations of cool names such as Ichiro and Hideaki.

Well, check out the below list for the more Japanese names herewith.

Shinobu- the name Shinobu means stealth or to endureShin’ya- Shin’ya means real, genuine, and also
Shion- Shion is the Japanese word for asterShiori- Shiori usually means lithe, bending
Sho- the kanji most often used for Sho mean soar, fly, or prize, rewardShohei- Shohei is created with the kanji for soar, glide, and level, even, peaceful
Shota- Shota is meaning thick big.Shun- Shun can bekanji for fast or talented
Soma- Soma means real, genuine, the sudden sound of the windSora- Both kanji, and means sky
Aito- Sea, OceanAkio- bright man, manly, hero
Benjiro- Enjoys peaceChibi- short person or small child
Chiko- a pledgeDai- a shining individual
Daichi- from the earth, largeDaiki- bright, shining
Daisuke- great, largeEita- crystal
Hiro- Generous, broadHiroshi- Generous
Hiroto- Fly far, big flightIchiro- first son
Itsuki- Timber TreeIzumi- Spring
Jiro- Second SonKaito- Soar Over The Sea
Kazue- BlessingKazuki- peaceful Tree
Kyo- VillageMatsu- Pine
Minato- Harbour or PortNamiko- a child of the Waves
Orochi- Big snakeRaden- God of Thunder
Ren- LotusRio- One who is like the River
Ryoma- Dragon, HorseRyu- Dragon

Cool Japanese Boy Names

With numerous interesting names to choose among, one just might have a problem in making a shortlist down the options to just one selection.

These are some cute, latest, and trendy Japanese names. Discuss these names with your partner and select the perfect name for your child. You can also explore other names before you settle for one. If you have a child or are soon going to have one, we know you must be having dozens of names in your mind.

Cool Japanese Boy Names
Cool Japanese Boy Names

However, if you want a different name for your child, you should definitely consider the names from the above lists. Browse via our list of Japanese names for boys and go for a unique name for your baby.

Kaji – conflagration Mizu – water
Kaki – flameMizuwokakeru – water
Kasai – conflagration Oki – blue water or high sea
Katon – disappearing via fire Oshan – ocean
Kazan – fiery volcanoShimizu – pure water
Mosu – flare, ignite, or blazeSuiiki – water area
Takibi – fireShimesu – dampen, moisten, or wet
Yaketsuku – burn, blaze, flare, or igniteShimizu – pure water
Yakeru – char, burn, blaze, or igniteUmi – sea
Fujin – god of windAoki – green tree
Izanagi – first male; god of creationEndo – roadside
Kangiten – god of blissHayashi – forest
Kuebiko – god of knowledge and agricultureInoue – above the well
Okuninushi – god of nation-buildingIshii – stone well
Omoikane – god of intelligence and wisdomIto – string, thread, or yard
Raiden – alternate spelling of RaijinIwai – celebration
Raijin – god of thunder and lightningKaneko – golden child
Ryūjin – god of the seaKato – all knowing
Kōjin – god of hearth, kitchen, and fireKobayashi – small forest

Common Japanese Boy Names

The latest and trendy first names in modern Japan include Japanese boy names meaning fire, names that cannot whether they are the first, second or third born like Ichiro meaning the firstborn son, or Jiro meaning the second-born son. If you want a cute name for your son, take a look at the list given below.

Common Japanese Boy Names
Common Japanese Boy Names

If you are looking for some unique Japanese names for your baby boy, we have brought it for you. Check out the list below and take a pick. Your boy will carry the name with him forever, so choose wisely.

Names CapacityNames BalancedNames ForageBoy Board
Boy CrunchBoy FreshNames GalaNamadora
Japanese YouBoyzoidJapanese HeliosNames Ninja
Boy ScienceJapanese MeNames IsoNames Boulder
Boy DipNames ServedJapanese HideawayNamops
Japanese CentralJapanese AromaNames BayJapanese Cycle
JapanesezillaNames RangerNames FieryJapanesedo
Names BazaarNames HotJapanese SuperBoywind
Japanese OverloadBoy FodderNames IronBoy Abundance
NamlyticalNames ApolloNames BodyBuildJapanese Citron
BoypadJapanese EffortBoyifyBoydo
JapanesesterJapanese PartBoy BalancedNames AAA
JapaneseorzoJapanese OdinBoyzillaBoy Tasty
Japanese YummyJapanesezoidBoy MidnightBoy Mighty
JapanesebesBoy CrispyBoy FlameNames Challenge
Japanese ExerciseBoy UptownJapanese CutsBoy Citron
Names HideoutJapanese AfterburnerJapanese DishedJapaneseify
Japanese StaminaBoy SmashJapaneseopolisNames Munchies
Names ScienceBoy ThinJapanese JoyousJapanese Zone
Japanese SportsmanBoy DashingJapanese BazaarNames Mighty

Powerful Japanese Boy Names

The thing to be considered after the names in Japan is that a baby is given an informal name six days after the birth. At the time of baby turns 16, he is given a formal name, carried out in a traditional naming ceremony.

Japanese people from time immemorial have always laid great emphasis on the meanings and traits used in the name. If you pick a traditional name or the latest name, your boy will like it when he grows up.

Below, you will find a huge list of powerful Japanese boy names with meanings.

Japanese ArmorJapanese GarnishJapaneseocityJapanese Traditional
Names AccentBoyexJapanese HeartyNames Gladiator
Names MintyBoynestBoy BasketJapanese Advanced
Japanese HardcoreJapanese SteelJapanese CrunchBoy Stamina
Boy SculptBoy TakeoutNames SuperJapanese Step
Boy ScienceJapanese TaperNames ShredJapanese Giant
Boy LeanerBoy TreehouseNames CrispyNames Tread
Japanese SumoBoy MidnightJapanese FocusBoy A+
Names FodderBoy IronJapanese BitJapanese Crisp
Boy TraditionalBoy BoardNames FactoryBoy Bigger
Japanese SlimBoy YummyNames StandNames Dashing
Japanese ToughBoy HeroicNames RangerBoy Taper
Japanese GladiatorJapanese PieceJapanese SpicyBoy Samurai
Japanese ExerciseJapanese SkillJapanese LordBoy Place
Boy ChallengeNames GnawNames BaronsJapanese Explosive
Names TossNames WishNames BiteNames Hotspot
Japanese BashJapanese CrunchNames LordJapanese Chopped
Boy UptownJapanese StoryBoy LionBoy Strength
Japanese A+Boy GainsBoy DishedJapanese Samurai
Names PuristBoy HotspotBoy DineBoy Evolution

Japanese Boy Names Meaning Fire

If you are looking for a name that reflects the spirit of fire then the following list is just for you only. Read out the interesting and cool names for your cute boy.

It is a parent’s responsibility to give a perfect name to their baby. Modern times stretch the modern names, and we know as a millennial name for your child. So how about selecting a name from a different culture, pretty unique? So, guys here is a big list that we bring for your kids.

Japanese GrillBoy CentralJapanese ServiceBoy Grove
Names CompoundJapanese ShredNames BitJapanese Rhino
Names CaptainBoy LaneJapanese MovementBoy Lounge
Names SuperiorBoy FeastNames MassNames Equipped
Names TastyJapanese WeightBoy FlameNames Aroma
Boy JuicyNames ThinBoy FixJapanese Palate
Names All StarBoy SmashBoy LocalBoy Split
Japanese AmbrosialNames AfterburnerJapanese PotentialJapanese Feast
Japanese OverloadBoy PowerliftNames FiestaBoy Crave
Boy AromaBoy LoungeNames PieceNames Chef
Boy PaladinJapanese SplitNames AxeNames Warrior
Japanese BiteJapanese OlympiaNames FieryJapanese Boulder
Japanese PrestoBoy HotspotJapanese AdvancedBoy Gain
Boy BruteJapanese WrapNames AnatomyBoy Marvel
Boy HammerNames PlaceNames ThinJapanese Gusto
Names DipJapanese PuristJapanese BaronsNames Service
Names YummyNames RhinoBoy CrumbJapanese A+
Boy HavanaNames WagonJapanese SpicesNames Mass
Japanese MunchiesJapanese CitronJapanese CompoundJapanese Zest
Japanese LoadedNames FodderBoy UptownJapanese Drill

Japanese Boy Names With Meanings

One of the most developed countries in Asia does not just have a long and enchanting history. It also has a slew of amazing names to kick.

Japanese names never just embody ancient Japanese beliefs, but also echo their artistic forms like gardening haiku poetry, architecture, and noble lifestyles such as the Samurai Bushido code.

Japanese Boy Names With Meanings
Japanese Boy Names With Meanings
Boy AthleticBoy CutsNames UptownJapanese AAA
Names JogBoy ChowBoy ServiceNames Dished
Boy ThinBoy HardcoreJapanese SavorJapanese Fine
Boy IronBoy AerobicJapanese HammerJapanese Story
Boy StoryNames ExertBoy BounceNames Factory
Names BazaarBoy HideawayBoy PulseNames Toss
Japanese CrispyBoy FuelNames GainsBoy Tale
Boy DicedJapanese StrongNames FeedJapanese Upscale
Boy GoliathBoy MovementNames BoardNames Brigade
Names HotJapanese FlameBoy HideoutNames Hungry
Names TraditionalJapanese GnawBoy SpartanBoy Centra
Names ChefBoy CirculateNames LuchaNames Bulk
Names BrigadeJapanese PerfectionJapanese XerxesNames Binge
Boy A+Japanese GalaBoy ThorBoy Wish
Boy FedNames HideoutBoy ConnoisseurNames Nouveau
Japanese IgniteNames BarbellBoy GladiatorJapanese Crush
Names GainsNames StoryBoy SkillNames Bear
Boy EvolutionBoy CycleBoy WaveBoy Heat
Boy YouBoy ArmorBoy FlavorJapanese Uptown
Names HotNames BalancedBoy SmackBoy Equipped

Japanese Boy Last Names

Some of the last names can also make interesting first names. Using the last name as a first name can be a creative solution to searching for an interesting name for your son.

There are an estimated 300,000 Japanese last names. Around 300 B.C., folks in Japan began using occupational or geographical names to explain their clan.

These clans grew into small kingdoms, which were then united under one ruler who gave each clan a designation according to their societal status. The system was called the Uji-Kabane system and was the foundation for Japanese family names.

Names FactoryNames JoyousBoy StepJapanese Midnight
Names PowerliftJapanese NinjaNames DicedBoy Ignite
Names FiestaNames SpicesBoy HotspotJapanese League
Boy ReservationNames SamuraiNames StakeNames Thin
Japanese StrongNames ZeusJapanese UpscaleNames Adonis
Names LoungeJapanese PaladinJapanese BalancedBoy Strip
Japanese WrapBoy SpicyBoy TaperBoy Gnaw
Boy SamuraiJapanese All StarBoy BasketBoy Boulder
Japanese DipJapanese CaptainNames AnatomyBoy Anatomy
Names HutJapanese GiantBoy SensationJapanese Barge
Japanese ChallengeBoy DicedBoy AlluringJapanese Street
Japanese BruteBoy CoastalBoy 100Names Sweat
Japanese RollBoy SplitBoy HeroicBoy Fodder
Names SculptBoy CrumbJapanese BroJapanese Result
Boy DishedBoy MotionJapanese TaperBoy Bit
Names CycleNames MidnightJapanese HideoutBoy Secret
Names AdvancedBoy StrengthNames DrillNames Place
Boy ZestBoy ExplosiveNames BakedJapanese Factory
Names DesireNames ShapeBoy YouNames Alluring
Japanese SteadyJapanese AcclaimedBoy FuryJapanese Divine

Japanese American Names Boy

If you opt-out for a traditional name or one that is much latest, your son is sure to be proud to bear a cool Japanese name. Whether you find the perfect name on this list or simply use it as a starting point to do your own research.

You are sure to find the perfect name for your bundle of joy. One can also follow the names based on Japanese cities or may b unique cultural traditions of Japan.

Japanese American Names Boy
Japanese American Names Boy
Boy CrispJapanese ChopNames TastefulNames Gusto
Boy PowerliftJapanese WedgeBoy GoliathJapanese Heat
Boy WaveNames CraveNames ThinNames Bison
Boy UnitJapanese MinotaurJapanese WorkoutBoy Havana
Names ToughJapanese ResetJapanese MaximusJapanese Piece
Japanese BearBoy FreshNames JoyousJapanese Relish
Boy BargeNames RelishBoy RangerBoy Heat
Names BroJapanese SensationBoy ToughNames Gnaw
Names H20Names ExerciseNames OutwardNames Chop
Japanese ExplosiveJapanese AppetiteNames CrispBoy Central
Japanese SpicyNames HerculesNames GarnishJapanese Zeus
Names BarbellBoy EffortNames ZoneNames Hot
Names CellarBoy ArmorNames ScienceJapanese Brigade
Boy FixJapanese LordJapanese PerfectionNames Crumb
Boy ParagonNames ArmorNames WaveBoy Reset
Boy ChefBoy GainJapanese RollBoy Smoke
Boy TraditionalBoy LoadedNames SmokeNames Tale
Names SensationJapanese TastyBoy ConnoisseurBoy Palace
Japanese BrawnJapanese ResultNames WishBoy Bulk
Boy CrispyJapanese MintyBoy TakeoutBoy Stamina

Japanese Boy Names Meaning Water

If you want to search for a more tranquil name for your son then you must choose a name from the below list. Check it out. Following popular boy names is a great way to be sure you are choosing a name that will be considered cool for the modern generation into which your child is born.


With the resonant history extent millennium, Japan has a deep and rich name culture to explore, and this list of numerous Japanese boy’s names is just the tip of the iceberg. There are umpteen more names to find out as well as numerous kanji joints for some of the names.

You can write to us if you have more nice ideas to show because it will definitely help our readers. All the best!

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