“it’s been an ugly day, she said. Tell me something beautiful?(Scottish Baby Names)

And he said her name.”

There’s a sense of urgency in every person to be different and to stand out. Anything they do or make should be different and new.

Now days, people are highly motivated to have a unique approach to life.

Everything they do must be new in town and should become a trend because of them, isn’t it?

But how can we always stand out? How do we know the places where we can be innovated and give an example of how you can be unique in your own style?

Leo LeslieFergus WilsonKeegan KirkOliver Sweeney
Brody GilmourKeir BarclayQuinn MillarDexter Morris
Ellis McKennaElliott KirkJaxon SwanElijah Murray
Stephen BarclayDominik HarrisonLochlan PatersonFelix Nicol
Francis KhanJames McPheeMyles GilmourGabriel McMahon
Lyall ArmstrongJulian DonaldsonLogan McLeanRoss Dunn
Conall RobertsMark McPhersonAlistair WallaceAidan Johnstone
Declan ElliottNiall RussellRhys BoydDean McGuire
Jaxon RennieJaxson McCullochAlan MillerTaylor Mills
Ollie NicolsonSonny BradleyElliot RobinsonKaiden MacLennan

While there can be lots of things which you can do to look and feel different, from your dressing sense to your food habits and also the décor of your home.

One thing that must also be considered in this list is your name, or your baby’s name.

How and why?

Oskar KaneColton BradleyFrederick SutherlandStanley Khan
Ethan GilliesJude MacFarlaneStephen InnesMurray Park
Reuben LindsayDexter MillsOdhran WattKieran McKay
Ollie GrantGeorge InglisPatrick JamiesonSean Baxter
Joe MorrisonOlly MurrayJackson ShieldsCorey Cooper
Josh BennettDean KhanRiley McKennaJake Inglis
Harrison DunlopFlynn MuirFrancis LindsayLincoln Reid
Jenson CochraneDrew KennedySeth HendersonJames Jack
Stephen WelshToby MiddletonHenry StuartFlynn Gray
Bradley McDougallKaleb McCormackZander HarrisonMiller Lawson

Traditional Scottish Names

The answer to your why is because having a name that is not heard by your relatives or neighbors will definitely make you look thoughtful amongst them.

A name that will force people to ask you where you found this name from and what is its meaning?

Scottish Baby Names
Scottish Baby Names
William HillDeclan FosterIan CairnsRuaridh Little
Daniel IrvineKaiden PattersonEden DoyleArran Robertson
Brandon DuffyJames DonnellyBrandon DouglasRalph Boyle
Grayson McCallumGeorge ShepherdKillian MurphyZayn Ferguson
Zac WallaceIan CooperCallan WilliamsDanny Murray
Reuben McEwanBenjamin WalkerSeth TurnerBrody Findlay
John EdwardsKeir QuinnDominik McGowanZac Edwards
Ewan MortonDean McGillThomas McIntoshMiller Burnett
Leighton WhyteDominik JohnstonOllie ReillyKeegan McLean
Jude MilneKayden DonaldHarry GrayNathaniel Cunningham
George HartTaylor ThomsonJack IrvineEuan Jones
Grayson McGowanNathan HendryJude NicolBlair Milligan
Vincent CochraneMichael BoyleJamie BrownNoah Anderson
Charles McPheeJenson CochraneCarter HoustonEthan Edwards
Campbell WelshCraig GilmourZach WatsonAidan MacKenzie
Odhran HarrisTeddy GallagherJensen CrawfordStanley Green
Hugo GardinerLyle PatersonRobin EdwardsRudi Martin
Jensen BennettHugh MacGregorLuke SharpLeighton McArthur
Dominik GreigNoel JackKayden RobinsonRoss Hart
Darragh JackJoe LoganRonnie FoxLewis McGuire

And the answer to you how is by taking our help.

Yes! We are here to give you some meaningful and unique Scottish baby names that will make you feel proud for giving them to your babies.

Ayaan HutchisonNico BennettLevi MacMillanReece Black
Charlie SpenceCiaran BrownFinley BruceTristan MacMillan
Dexter BrownDuncan BaillieRalph CummingJensen McFarlane
Paul EvansThomas MainCarter McBrideElijah Shepherd
Magnus ArmstrongAaron McMahonCorey ToddAlfie Whyte
Flynn SweeneyAlex BaxterAlan McCabeWilliam Buchanan
Henry PhillipsMichael JacksonMichael TurnbullMarcus Kerr
Robbie ForrestEllis MullenFergus LawRory MacFarlane
Michael NicolsonRuairidh ArmstrongAidan WhitePaul Fleming
Lachlan BainAlbert ByrneLeo MacLeanZack McIntyre

So, are you ready to explore all the information given below?

Great! Then let’s get started!

Welcome to the Scotland Name Shop!

Reader, you must be wondering how will you get a Scottish name that is not just different or classy but also has some soulful meaning, right?

Darragh McIntoshKeegan HoggAlan ScottHarris Smith
Julian WalkerCraig MorrisonBlake DoyleLevi Watson
Angus HarperHarley EdwardsSpencer InnesLuca Milligan
Leon BruceEdward MitchellAyaan DevlinHector Brown
Malcolm McCannJoe HoodWilliam MacLeanAlex Connelly
Theodore McNeillNiall ElliottZac McCannLauchlan Burnett
Leo GibsonLeon CraigJoey HarveyLogan Nicol
Jaxon MacPhersonCasey RodgerJonah PatonLeighton Christie
Cayden CummingFergus JackLachlan McPhersonLennon McGregor
Alex MiddletonHarry HarrisonCallum ShawConall Jamieson

Changing form your traditional list of names to some other culture’s name is not easy, we do understand that.

But you also have to place your trust in us like always and have a look at all the names we have handpicked for you.

Nico HutchisonCooper GibbDominic MartinColton McCabe
Elliott McIntoshZachary SimSebastian DawsonLogan McIntyre
Reece NicolsonHarry O’BrienRoss BaxterAustin Kirk
Alan McMahonStruan SweeneyRory QuinnMyles Wilson
Grayson MacLennanTheodore WilsonMyles McNeillZak Watson
Callen MorrisKayden MacGregorGeorge YoungArcher Rankin
Jake ThomsonAshton LoveAaron BurnsEdward Beattie
Stephen YoungJoseph RitchieLyle GordonLucas Swan
Ross HigginsDylan RamsayEli McMillanMichael Wright
Mack CochraneBenjamin McIntoshLincoln MilneDuncan Green

We are pretty sure you are going to fall in love with each one of them.

And on that note, presenting you our first list full of traditional Scottish names which will leave you wanting for more and more lists filled with such names.

Here you go;

BlaineFiona Isla Dalziel 
Ian Drew Braden Edine 
Kendrew Jamesina Erroll Allister 
Cora Christal Gaven Bonnie 
Grizela Ansley CalderJamiee 

Scottish Name Meanings

We are pretty sure that apart from a few names, all the Scottish names mentioned above are absolutely new for you.

Scottish Baby Names
Scottish Baby Names

Before moving further, we have a new for you.

You must know this famous myth related to a Scottish name that is very popular amongst the locals of Scotland.

Jordan McLarenNico BuchananAiden MorganZayn Jack
Peter ReidRuben HoggEthan HillTheodore Duffy
Jackson MartinZac SinclairMack MacPhersonElias McCabe
Elliott RossMilo KennedyEli BoydHarvey MacLennan
Niall ShawJayden LynchDeclan JacksonRory O’Neill
Findlay JamiesonNathan WattMatthew CampbellSpencer Noble
Killian McCormackCallen RennieJulian DunnKayden Law
Hugh CunninghamLennox GallacherFilip DunlopCallan Pearson
Miller McEwanKieran SteeleAlbert HoustonRobbie Grant
Toby JohnstoneEden MarshallNathaniel GardinerElliot Findlay

Have you heard a myth about a horse that can transform into a human?

There was a saying decades ago that a supernatural water horse haunts the Scotland’s lonely rivers and lochs.

The scots named it as the mythical kelpie.

How interesting is that?!

Continuing with our trail, are you still unable to decide which name will be the best for your baby?

Magnus JackOscar CassidyOllie MacKenzieParker Moore
Sam RussellLogan WhiteBenjamin MasonAndrew Swan
Mark QuinnColby MiddletonAlbert BurnettCalum MacLeod
Parker GrahamZachary HallBen GreigRuairidh Quinn
Jasper RobertsonCallum HendryCorey ThomasLochlan Reynolds
Ruben EdwardsBlair KellyGregor TaitTeddy Rennie
Rudi HallStruan ChristieCarson JackOlly Findlay
Fletcher MorganArran O’NeillMatthew GibsonHarvey Duff
Casey FoxAaron LambMaxwell GilmourAaron Gibson
Hunter MacKinnonJoey MacLeodJoey NelsonRobin Cameron

Don’t worry reader we are your Scottish name generator which means there are so many more such lists that are coming your way to provide you with plenty of classy and meaningful Scottish names.

Stanley LewisZac ThompsonDanny TurnbullAlbert Rankin
Alan McKenzieHarris McPhersonGregor LewisTravis Houston
Edward InglisJack ThomasRobbie BradleyGabriel McCallum
Quinn GallacherHector SharpDeclan LeslieJohn Patterson
Billy JonesSean SinclairJoshua McGuireJay McMahon
Cody GilliesJohn HarrisElliott KellyMyles Graham
Mack FergusonJensen ScottReuben RodgerScott McGill
Oliver BellJames GrantTristan O’BrienAyaan Bennett
Zayn McCullochAdam McCallumJohn MacKayEric Harrison
Harley McMahonSebastian KellyJosh RobertsonStephen Turnbull

So, keep on reading until you find that one name which clicks in your heart and mind.

And to do that, here is another list filled with Scottish name meanings only for you!

Isla- Rocky placeGavina- white hawk Oliver- the one who represents the emblem of peace.Aileana- from the green meadow
Ella- the one who enjoys lifeLewis- famous in warHamilton- from the proud townNoha- harmony
Adaira- from the aok tree fordAlish- of a noble kinLeo- lionSophie- wise and cleaver 
Logan- man from the hollowAva- a bird Aila- from the strong place Rory- red ruler of people
Jessica-god’s grace Isla- name of an island Adeh- fire Emily- hardworking

So, reader, how is your hunt for baby name Scotland going? Enjoying your time with all the Scottish names?

Unusual Scottish Baby Names

Discovering new names and their meanings. Well, not just that but you must have come across so many popular names that actually belong to Scottish origin but you were unaware about it, right?

Scottish Baby Names
Scottish Baby Names
Kyle McGregorAyaan RussellCaleb BuchanJoshua Hunter
Spencer RobertsonElliott ClarkDylan MiddletonCraig Baillie
Lyle StuartLeighton WilliamsonSam FosterJasper McKay
Ollie DaviesDylan DevlinHaris JacksonEthan Hutchison
Alexander ClarkeElias KaneArthur DuncanFindlay Christie
Tommy MillsSeth HoustonFrederick MacLeanGeorge Harvey
Jaxson LewisDeclan HutchisonReece WhyteAdam Devlin
Angus JohnsonMax YoungJason McLaughlinKeir Grant
Edward BlairJayden FraserDexter MorganScott Park
Aaron RossOllie TaitConor LambFreddie Stewart

Well, that is the beauty of researching, digging deep and exploring new things. A lot of your misconceptions and misinformation gets clarified and you get updated with the latest meaning of things.

Weather names, history, culture, food or any other thing, learning new things and facts never harm anyone.

Jenson RossCalum AndersonJason CameronRoss Stewart
Harrison IrvineStanley McNeillCole GunnRobbie Henderson
Freddie GillespieEli WelshCallan HolmesMichael Duff
Zack SpenceTheodore JackMagnus ThomasHugo Currie
Frederick NobleMax CampbellAbel ChristieBlake Gillies
Lauchlan FlemingAustin ClarkeLennox DavidsonIan Lewis
Harley KingDanny HarperLouie WallaceLeon Allison
Cody MacKayJacob HarrisCameron BeattieLucas Downie
Sonny HayLogan AdamsRobbie BaxterHudson Mills
Reece FoxHarris TurnbullCooper SharpLeo Gardner

Just like that, giving Scottish names to your babies will not harm you.

Well, we are not saying that you should only keep them for yourself. Spread these lists amongst your friends, colleagues, cousins and neighbours so that even they can enjoy a fresh list of names that are not just stylish, trendy and unique but also have beautiful meanings as well.

Ellis ClarkLuca MullenBrody YoungEwan Jack
Hamish ShepherdAlex BarclayCillian AllanColby Jones
Colby GardinerJacob WoodsGrayson HughesKeegan McGowan
Niall ConnorJoe StephenZach HarrisDexter Fisher
Archer NicholsonKaiden DevlinEthan SpenceNico Mullen
Myles BarrRobert KhanOllie McCallumFinn Connor
Jonah MurphyLeon JohnstoneRobbie ThomasParker Devlin
Euan AdamHarley WrightAlbie LeslieCooper O’Neill
Calum ThompsonZander MortonRalph HayChristopher Morrison
William MacPhersonHugo IrvineJulian HarrisonOliver Young

We are pretty sure if you will share these names, people will be so thankful and grateful to you.

And on such a positive and noble thought we must provide you with another list flooded with a new set of Scottish names.

Oskar McArthurFletcher ElliottJax GibsonBilly McGuire
Archie EvansJacob MitchellFrancis FoxDominic Duffy
Josh HarrisHayden MartinRonnie MacFarlaneEwan McKenzie
Brodie FlemingCharlie ParkJamie McArthurElias Dunlop
David ForrestDominik WilliamsonJacob SutherlandOllie Muir
Elias MacKayLewis CurrieDuncan CrawfordSamuel McPherson
Robin CochraneDrew HarrisJensen McLaughlinParker Baird
Bailey GilmourParker MuirMark LewisArchie Murray
Craig McMahonTheo AdamsonKyle NicolHamish Gilmour
Campbell HolmesHarry RussellFindlay LawLayton McGill

What kind of Scottish for baby names this list will be having? Just some unusual Scottish baby names and also some most popular Scottish names.

What say? Are you ready to read them all?

Okay then, here you go!

Agnes Catriona Alfie Freddie 
Wallace Torquil Luca Innes 
Eoin Alexina Finn Agnus 
Niven Lesley Reuben Joshua 
Davina Myra Callum Cole 

How many of them have you shortlisted? Quiet a few? Of don’t be in a hurry, take all your time and do all your research before finalising anything.

Read the list as many times as you want and take suggestions and opinions from your partner or close people

Jake ScottMax NelsonKaiden BairdAlex Doyle
Joey KerrLewis BoydLyall ClarkConall Allison
Ruben MacMillanAlfie GreenLouis MacLennanOscar Dunn
Nathan SmithFraser HughesMaxwell YoungLauchlan Love
Patrick InglisSam MorrisKeir McKayMurray Inglis
Callen McLarenNico ClarkeCharlie MurphyDylan Todd
Jordan KennedyElias WhiteAndrew HamiltonThomas Kennedy
David MortonJoshua O’NeillCody SinclairJoe Smart
Jack BairdSeth MorrisonSean TaitRhys Montgomery
Keegan GardnerFinn DuffyCole McGregorAyaan McGowan

Afterall, names are important and deserve all your attention and hard work. 

Well, we are done with all the unique and good Scottish names. But we know the hunger to have more and grab more never ends, right?

You will require some more list in order to have a wide variety of options to choose from, isn’t it?

Leo ShepherdCraig O’DonnellParker TaylorElias Scott
Findlay BaxterJulian HarveyCaleb MasonFergus Nicholson
Teddy ThomasCody CairnsGrayson JohnsonRobbie Morris
Zachary GilliesVincent DunnFreddie MuirCharles Sim
Ollie WilliamsLeon DawsonBilly McGregorEric Wright
Charles McLeanCiaran GillespieHarley QuinnZach Forrest
Odhran BradleyDean YoungBrody HolmesOliver Burns
Niall ArmstrongCallan DuffKian BrownKieran Campbell
Hugh KingCillian HoggJakub GreenNicholas Maxwell
Toby MuirReuben LewisArthur NelsonKeir Foster

And we must feed our hungry souls no matter what. And so, we decided, our readers deserve another round of some gender specific Scottish names.

Scott MacFarlaneLachlan HarveyCian MacGregorRonnie Smith
Findlay FultonOscar FultonFelix KerrFinley Devlin
Dylan WatsonReuben McLarenCillian ReynoldsHudson Dunn
Adam TurnbullConnor WhiteJohn IrvineCasey Milne
Kaleb BarclayJasper SimLauchlan BuchananBobby Moore
Corey CummingToby DonaldsonCayden BrownAlfie Middleton
Oskar McIntoshEthan RobertsonCalum HarperCillian Woods
Casey HoustonRobert FoxCohen SwanJames Millar
Cillian CochraneFrancis BeattieKeegan MilliganAdam Thompson
Louie McMillanEwan HartFinley NobleLochlan Chalmers

What kind of names these lists will be having? A platter full of popular, unpopular, traditional, classy, funky, meaningful names, all in one.

So, here’s your first list of such kind containing Scottish boy names and meanings.

Murdock- protector of the seaJock- god is gracious Shaw- clearing in the treesGavin- godsend
Adie- noble Norval- from the north valley Dylan- sun of the seaWal- stranger 
Ulan- strength and healthCole- swarthyTryee- from tyrie Ronnie- ruler
Keith- wood forest Walter- ruler of the armyHuge- intellect Seoras- farmer 
Tavey- twin Thomeson- son of thomWynda- from the narrow passageFergus- man of force 

Done with all kinds of Scottish boy names and meanings that we had in our bag for you.

And now, it’s time to have a look at our last and final list of this series i.e. Scottish baby girl names.

Keep your pen and paper ready to grab all of the beautiful and exotic names for your future baby girl.

Fearcharia- dearDaracha- from the oakTara- a hill where kings meetBeathas- wise 
Leslie- dweller in the grey castleKenzie- the fair oneFarbia- headstrong Mackenzie- favoured one
Christy- follower of christGunna- whiteMai- pearl Jaimelynn- supplanter
Vanora- white waveJean- gracious gift from godCait- pureEirica- ruler 
Colina- people’s victoryGilbarta- pledge Tyra- landSiubhan- praised

Can’t say about you, reader, but we are pretty much impressed with the meanings of all the names given above.

From a headstrong Farbia to Kenzie- the fair one, from Ronnie the ruler to Fergus- the man of force.

Ruben RobertsonLewis PatonDanny StewartLyall McEwan
Aiden HarveyJackson CassidyZander McCallumLyle Williamson
Ralph PatonWilliam KirkFinley MorrisonGregor McPhee
Ayaan DevlinCalvin DuncanConall KennedyParker Clarke
Fergus BennettCarter BlackFrankie BairdRonnie Nicol
Patrick HillFreddie McKennaLewis ConnellyCraig Cunningham
Josh GallowayIan GreenFilip ScottOdhran Wood
Steven WelshHunter CowanDaniel ForrestTheodore Byrne
Louie MullenCian RobinsonJacob SutherlandHugh Shaw
Zak DaviesPatrick McKayAngus CowanOllie Gordon

We believe people get strength and qualities from their names as well. maybe that is why their meaning is even more important than the name itself.

Because it will not just resemble you but will play a huge part in building your personality and character.

So, always remember to choose a baby name wisely no matter which tradition’s name you are selecting from, and make your baby proud with your thoughtful choice.


We know how our names plays a very crucial role in our identity.

And while our parents might not have given us a name that is too popular or unique, due to the lack of resources during those times, we can make sure to provide our future children with a name that is not just good in hearing or stylish in pronouncing but is also very meaningful.

A name that will reflect your love and care for your baby because you put in so much effort in finding it.

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