We know how important names can be in our lives. It has always been the first factor of judgment. School, college or workplace, weird or uncommon names have always been and continue to be under analysis. From discussing the potential meanings of the Baby Names to finding the real meaning of the name to even looking for the inspiration of the name. 

Our names have always been a thing of discussion for at least once in our life. Knowing the amount of attention one name can get, keeping a name for your baby becomes thus an important decision. But, have you heard of the spooky names? Follow the list to be introduced to some.

Best Spooky Baby Names

Spooky Baby Names

Harry Theo Ethan Daniel
Charlie Archie William Tyler
Noah Arthur Isaac Adam
George Logan Mason Joseph
Jack Joshua Riley Alexander
Alfie Thomas Harrison Elijah
Leo James Finley Jayden
Jacob Henry Tommy Louie
Freddie Max Teddy Arlo
Oscar Lucas Dylan Hunter

While all the names above are beautiful but have been used as the name of a horror or ghost character in some movies. Result? The names remind us of the spooky chills, so even your innocent intentions can turn into a massacre if not paid attention to. So, its always better to do a little research before settling down with a  name for your baby. Because the last thing you would want your child to be blessed with is a spooky baby name. Discover the most popular Arabic baby names

Spooky Baby Names- Spooky Boy Names For The Fictional Characters

Best Spooky Baby Names

But, what if you are looking for one? To others, it may seem weird but there are so many writers and illustrators looking for spooky names to name their ghostly characters. If you are one of them, then you always have the option to get inspiration from the famous movie characters like the list above. Or of course, create yours or even choose one from our list of Spooky Names Generator for Spooky Names. 

Spooky Boy Names- Fictional Characters

Albie Reuben David Kai
Harvey Benjamin Hugo Luke
Toby Luca Jude Matthew
Edward Ryan Jenson Michael
Lewis Liam Ronnie Caleb
Sebastian Bobby Zachary Connor
Theodore Carter Callum Elliott
Rory Samuel Blake Baby
Ollie Roman Jackson Leon
Alex Louis Ezra Jamie

Spooky Names- For Girls

Names have the load to describe the characters to a large extent. This is why naming the character is as important a task as designing it. There have been many spooky girl characters in the horror movies genre. So, finding inspiration for Spooky Girl Names cannot be a problem

Following is a list of Spooky Names that can either be directly used or can be taken as an inspiration to name a fictional spooky girl, be it a ghost or not. Some of the names mentioned below despite being spooky girl names may be used to name a cute and funny ghostly character as well, like Casper but not all.

Spooky Girl Names- Spooky Names For The Cute

Amelia Evie Daisy Esme
Isla Isabella Alice Scarlett
Ava Sophie Elsie Matilda
Emily Ivy Sienna Sofia
Sophia Freya Florence Millie
Grace Harper Evelyn Eva
Mia Willow Phoebe Layla
Poppy Charlotte Aria Chloe
Ella Jessica Ruby Luna
Lily Rosie Isabelle Maisie

Spooky Last Names- For Deadly Ghostly Fictional Characters

While cute and friendly ghost characters have been seen before but they are pretty rare. The most common personality that we associate with Spooky Names is scary and deadly. Now that is a feeling that needs to be created with a lot of effects in the story.

Best Spooky Baby Names
Spooky Baby Names

Most of the names that we consider spooky are not really spooky but have been made to be scared of because of the characters these names remind us of. It is a chilling memory that needs to be created by characterization.

But, saying that a list of spooky last names for the deadly ghosts can also be generated. Think of the name Lord Voldemort, even if we forget the visuals that we get reminded of, the name itself is not very comfortable on the ears. That’s the effect of spooky last names. Below is the list of such spooky last names that can be used to create spooky names

Erin DreyRoseLilly
Eliza KailaniDeweyHolly
Ellie RochellaDanyonThea
Mila TrixibelleJetaimeEmilia
Imogen KeylaWaltHannah
Bella PeppaLaylandPenelope
Lola ZanaAcerHarriet
Molly SageTitusGeorgia –
Maya NaraAdonisEmma
Violet DemelzaPipLottie


A normal person, under normal circumstances, may not wish to name his/her child with spooky names but may look for the same for special reasons. Be it for games, characters, fun or research, here is the best Spooky Names generator ready to be used for your scary stories.


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